Access Control

If you’re looking to upgrade your current property surveillance capabilities to enable you to heighten your security, a robust Access Control system could be the solution you need.

With a proven track record of success in effectively helping thwart crime, our reliable Access Control system will provide your business with an efficient, additional level of security to enhance the safety of your commercial or industrial property.

Are you looking to add an upgraded level of surveillance to your existing security system? If so, our Access Control system could be the answer.

As well as elevating your existing physical property security to a more resilient level, Access Control can also be used as a company database.

This additional feature can be integrated with your employees and your clock in systems to provide you with a comprehensive view of who is in your building and when.

A welcome addition to any administration scheme, it will provide you with:

  • Accurate time admissions,

  • User identification,

  • Secure, off site database link,

And, if also used in conjunction with our specialist CCTV systems, can provide an exceptional level of cover and support to your company’s security.

To find out more please get in touch with one of our friendly, expert team members to discuss your bespoke requirements.

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Secure and high-quality network cabling available for installation.

Basic one or two door systems/ Multi-Site Systems

For anyone wishing to integrate and manage multiple access points in one property or across multiple properties, our Access Control can provide you with peace of mind.

Road Traffic Solutions

If you need to secure a parking lot or company parking area, Access Control can offer an efficient way to manage who can access your property.

Properly secure confidential areas

Areas of maximum security and of great importance to your business can be easily secured vie Access Control. Only predetermined and pre-authorised individuals can access the property.

Educational establishments and Hospitals

Areas of high security and GDPR require an extra level of security and surveillance. Through Access Control, you can efficiently manage who has access to certain areas.

Commercial Offices

To protect GDPR and employee and customer confidentiality, Access Control can provide an extra level of security to commercial offices.

Factories and Warehouse Properties

Warehouses and Factories that may have downtime in the evening or pose a higher risk of burglary may require an extra level of security. Access Control can provide you with an easy way to manage who has access to your property at any given hours.